​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jen's debut CD Lighthouse Reverie is available now! The album features all origianl music, and a  fantastic band.

Jen Siukola: trumpet and flugelhorn
Rob Dixon: saxes
Steve Allee: piano
Nick Tucker: bass
Kenny Phelps: drums
Julie Houston: vocals

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Album Review: Lighthouse Reverie 

Jen Siukola  is an Indianapolis based trumpeter, educator and composer, currently on the faculty of the University of Indianapolis and Ball State University. On Lighthouse Reverie, her debut recording as a leader, she presents a program consisting of her original tunes, with a solid group of Indianapolis based musicians, as her sidemen. The date is produced by the veteran Indiana jazzman, Mark Buselli, who is also one of Ms. Siukola’s mentors.
Ms. Siukola is a very good composer and arranger. For a relatively young artist, she displays an impressive ear for bop and post-bop conventions. She lists Tom Harrell and Kenny Dorham as influences and some of these tunes sound like they came from the pens of those two legendary cats.
Lighthouse Reverie includes several winning performances, that show off the considerable chops of Ms. Siukola’s quintet. She is a technically solid trumpet player, especially in her middle register. When she picks up the flugelhorn, as she does on the title track, Siukola seems to be in her comfort zone; displaying a warm, buttery tone, that I could listen to all day. “The Homp Romp” is another standout, swinging in a hard bop bag, with strong solos by the leader, Steve Allee on piano and Rob Dixon on tenor. Mr. Allee is a new name to me and I was impressed with his work, throughout the album. “Bog Walking”, is a bright, melodic tune with a hummable melody, reminiscent of “Yardbird Suite”. Dixon and Allee again, are the standouts. Ms. Siukola’s best work is on “The Dawn Approaches Like Tears”, a melancholy, waltz-timed tune, straight out of Harrell, on which Jen again turns to the larger horn, for an achingly gorgeous solo, on the heels of another striking statement by Mr. Dixon; I need to explore his work, as well.
Jen Siukola is off to a very fine start with Lighthouse Reverie. I’m looking forward to seeing what her future holds.
Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 Stars – A well written and well executed debut album

"In listening to Jen Siukola's new c.d. "Lighthouse Reverie," where each piece was written and arranged by her, I seriously believe had "trumpet jen" been around and writing during "song book" times she would have been high on the list of the likes of van hausen, porter, and monk.... she has a writing "reach" that spans blues to bebop and connects with the popular music of our day hip hop....and I don't believe van hausen, porter, or monk could blow the trumpet, and wow, Jen surely can do that. In putting together this fine first recording, fronting her own great group, Jen found some of the days fine jazz  musical talents to help with the process."

- Jim Compton-Schmidt, KFCF 88.1 FM

"Trumpeter Jen Siukola’s new release Lighthouse Reverie is one of the best new recordings of 2017, and features the excellent supportive quartet of saxophonist Rod Dixon, pianist Steve Allee, bassist Nick Tucker, and drummer Kenny Phelps.  Vocalist Julie Houston appears in the melancholy tune “I Kissed You Goodbye”.  All seven tracks are original compositions by Jen Siukola, and are a perfect fit in our straight-ahead jazz programming at WHFC and Pure Jazz Radio." 

- David May, Host, Desert Island Jazz WHFC 91.1 FM